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Monday, March 13, 2006

All they want to do is grab your crotch

What the hell is up with guys in this city? I mean, seriously. Do they breed them to be total over sexed jerks, or what? I've now lived here for almost two years, and I still can't get used to the way that dudes act out here. I went out on Saturday night to The Dark Room, and was having a rockin time, you know, showing off my sweet dance moves, when some guy randomly grabs my crotch. We're talkin a full on squeeze. I wasn't even dancing with him and he comes up to me and grabs me. What the fuck? Who does that? Last time I checked, that kind of behavior was reserved for pervy next door neighbor types. Well, I ended up shoving the douchebag, and practically knocking him over. I think I might have tried to fight him if my friend didn't grab me and pull me away. Then to top off the night, while walking to the subway, some lame jerkass kept asking my friend and I if we wanted to have sex. Yeah, okay, lets go. Seriously, what the hell. I told him we were lesbians, and even that didn't dissuade him. He just asked if he could come home and watch. So finally I told him about these things called prostitutes, and explained that we were not. Another lovely night on the town!


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