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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Does every one want to be famous?

Since I can remember, I've always had a fascination with celebrities. I can remember sitting on my parents water bed, flipping through my mom's magazines, and wanting to know who these glamorous looking people were. When I was in third grade, I even went as far as lopping off all of my hair in hopes of looking more like one of these fantastic stars that I saw on the television. Unfortunately, that only got me a bunch of 3rd grade boys mocking me, saying that I looked like a boy. But really, what is it? What is it about these people that lure us in and make us want to by the four dollar magazine that holds the truth about 'what really happened'. And do all of us want to be them? I have just discovered blogging, and think it's a wonderful thing, but am curious to know why a lot of people do it? Is it that they hope that someone will pay attention to them, and what they have to say. Sometimes, I read other peoples blogs, and can't help myself from wondering what is this persons intention. Do they hope to become famous from writing this online journal. I mean there are people that have done it, so why not? Anyway, I guess what I am really asking is, why do people write blogs?


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