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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


What's crackin? For some reason it feels as though it's been ages since we spoke. What's going on back in SLC?Have you heard of that new show on HBO about Salt Lake Polygamists...prolly you have. I didn't see it this weekend, but am tempted to get HBO installed so I can watch that and the last season of Sopranos.
Same old, same old here in NYC. Just work and play. This last weekend was pretty fun. Tara and I ended up having a dance off with a couple of midgets. We won, of course. No one can hang with my amazing moves. I had to dig deep, and pull out some of my faves from the days of yore, ya know, the sprinkler, roger rabbit, running man etc. I think I'll go home and practice tonight, just in case another dance off comes up this weekend. Who knows, maybe a talent scout will spot us and want to put us on T.V. or something. Oh, we also managed to get ditched by a couple of Guido's. I don't think my ego has recovered yet. I cried myself to sleep last night. One minute we were hanging out with them, secretly plotting to ditch THEM, and the next minute...they were gone. We turned our naive backs for a second, see ya later beeyotchis. Needless to say, Tara and I were confused and shocked that the Guido's would ditch us, I mean, come on. This only led to the further deterioration of the evening, with us feeling insecure, it was any mans game. We ended up going home with a couple homeless guys. Didn't do much for my ego, but at least they had some crack to share.
Your best buddy,


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