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Thursday, March 16, 2006

This just in...New Yorkers are Gross!

Well,well,well, ya New York freaks, I am going to reveal some of your deep dark secrets. You think no one is watching you because you're so used to being inconspicuous in this overpopulated place, but I have news for you...We are! Now, I am sure you think you can get away with anything here, and I guess you can, but I want to let you know, that I think you are so gross. Never in my life have I witnessed such blatant disregard for privacy. You see, when we (those who were not raised in this part of America) were young, our parents taught us about these things called manners. They are unwritten rules that one follows out of respect for those around them, but as I have come to clearly see, you guys just don't give a shit. I would like to use the example of the gym locker room. Now I know that it's public, and I know that we are all in there changing together...But for hell sakes, there are certain things that one must reserve for the privacy of his or her home. Like, please do not polish the crack of your ass with them gym towel in front of me, I just do not want to see that. I also don't want to watch you pluck your fucking chest hairs, yeah you, I'm talking about you, ya hairy nippled freak. Also, if you could refrain from popping your nasty zits until you get home, that would be nice. Last but not least, If you have a nasty fugly body, wrap a towel around yourself, because I really don't need to be subjected to your endless rolls and flabby boobs all up in my business. Didn't your mother teach you anything?


Blogger T said...

I one-hundred percent agree. What is with the total disregard for other people in this town? Even though you are surrounded by millions of people each day, people act like they are the only one there. Picking their noses and fixing thier wedgies on the subway!!! GROSS nobody want to watch you do that.

10:41 AM  

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