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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Way hotter than any of you

Tuesday is one of the best T.V. nights of the week. Oh yeah, MTV baby. First we start out with 'The Real World, Key West,' and can it get any more real than these people. I mean hell sakes, Paula is going to die of malnutrition right before our very eyes. We have John, who reminds me of every frat boy I've ever met. Then, there's Jose, the sweet guy that managed to make it out of the hood. Next we have Janelle, the bi-racial chick with the attitude. Don't forget Tyler, the gay guy, do I need to even mention that he's a flamboyant bitch. Last but not least, we have Svetlana, the Russian Mafia princess, who actually reminds me of a lot of the Long Island Jewish gals that I meet her in NYC. Oh wait, I forgot the forgettable Zach, hmm, boy next door, I suppose. What this season holds, no one knows. With these real and deep cast of characters, you never know. I can't wait to see how these people will grow and change right before my eyes. Man, you gotta freakin love reality television.
Oh, it only gets better...The next half hour holds the newest MTV gem '8th and Ocean.' Can you say HOTTIES. I mean, a whole half hour devoted to looking at people far better looking than myself, trying to make it the modeling world, and sometimes getting their asses kicked, by the man that runs they're agency. I think it's a man anyway. I can't really tell. Sweet nectar, is all I have to say. Check it out.


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