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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hippies like sports too

Hey Jerkface,
I seriously have no idea what your last email was about. Are you on crack? Plus, I haven't told anyone about my new business yet, so how did you even know about it?

Basically, my new business is the Hippie Olympics. It will include all the things Hippies do that require some skill and practice, but level a normal person scratching their head as to why anyone would do it.

Some of the "sports" in the inaugural Hippie Olympics are:
Slack Lining
In this sport stupid smelly hippies like this guy walk across a tight rope. The participant either has to be bare foot or wearing chaco sandals to compete. Since this is the Hippie Olympics there are no winners or losers, everyone shares in the fun!

Hacky Sack
This is one of the few "team sports" the Hippie Olympics has. The idea of team is foreign to the hippie, so some hippies were resistant to admitting hackey sack as a "sport" but they soon realized hippie ideals such as "sharing" and "can play in chacos" were central to hackey sack so they embraced their smelly brothers of the sack as true "Hippie Olympians"

Hackey Sack is a game were a team of hippies stands around in a circle and kicks a little bag (or sack) of beans back and forth to each other. They try and keep the hackey from hitting the ground. They also try and do "cool tricks" to kick the sack.

There are many more sports, these are just a few. If you play your cards right I will tell you about more of them latter.


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