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Friday, April 07, 2006

Hippy Olympics Part 2

Dear Jerkface,
I have been in brainstorming with my colleagues and over the past few days, and many hallucinations later, we have come up with some additional sports to add to our Hippy Olympics. One thing that all of us has participated in and greatly love is drum circles or if you will "peace circles." The criteria will be simple, each team will be alloted 4 minutes of freestyle time and the one that sounds the best wins, easy as that. Then we can unite all the drum circles as one and create a beautiful peace statement. What do you think?
Right after opening ceremonies, we'll initiatate the games with competitive bong making. We will give all the participants a bag of randomly selected items, and whoever comes up with the most effective bong wins! Of course we'll have to test them all, but that will just encourage the spirit that we're trying to bring to these games.
I would also like to add in some competitive devil sticking, no pun intended. Imagine the trickery that will emerge from all of our friends creative minds!
So we need to get going on all the preparation. There is a great need for a gathering of love and peace right now. In this time of hate and war, we all need to join together and love one another. So get back to me you asshole, there is a lot of fucking planning you need to do. I've already pictured the crowds in my hallucinations.


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