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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Plugs, the new way to score a wife

Dear Jerkface-
I was in my bosses office yesterday looking for a file. So I was rumaging around on his desk and I found a stack of papers that looked like what I was looking for, the reason they looked like the papers I was looking for was because there was a seal on one of the pages that looked like the bank seal of one of the banks we work with. I proceeded to stacked the papers in order and started looking at them. I noticed one page was a print out of an email conversation, I thought "what is this doing with my papers?" and I couldn't help but read through the email. It was forwarded to Matt (my boss) from his Mom. It was a corospondence between her and a hair replacement Doctor. Appearantly she is going to pay for Matt to get plugs. He is pretty thin on top. Since he is twenty-seven and not married I guess his mom thinks he has a better shot at it if he had hair. The rest of the pages in the stack were articles about the doctors creditentials. I feel pretty bad for Matt, how bad would it suck to have your Mom doing things like that for you? "Well if you weren't so bald girls would probably like you more..." Of course I'm sure your used to the idea "Jerkface, if you weren't such a whore maybe girls would take you a little more seriously."


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