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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Single white female seeking man who will become successful right after we break up

Dear Jerkface (and no, I don't mean you J.J.)
Last night as I was running around the reservoir at Central Park, I began to reminisce over the past romantic relationships that I have had in my life. Each one different and good in its own way, but all having one thing in common. It seems that the pattern is, I meet someone, they are somewhat a slacker with potential, as our relationship progresses, they get their shit together, by the time the relationship has run it's course they are on the verge of great things. End scene, we break up, afterward they become very successful, and I am no longer around to reap the benefits. WTF, I date them while they are poor and struggling, and as soon as we stop dating, and they finally have some stability and the means to treat a girl very nicely, i'm no longer their girl! I must like shitty, cheap guys. Successful ones just don't do it for me.


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