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Friday, April 21, 2006


Dear Jerkface,
An observation; yesterday as i walked home from work, taking in the nice day, I noticed a disturbing trend, people wearing the lamest clothes. It seems that when it gets hot/warm in NY, people take that as the green light to pull out their fugliest outfit and parade it around town. The first thing that caught my eye was some nasty looking chick who very much resembled Olive Oyl wearing a see-through white shapeless dress with tiny red polka dots on it, and a huge elastic belt around her waste. Maybe it wasn't the outfit, so much as the hairstyle she was sporting...a freaking bowl cut. The next nasty getup I saw observed was a mom and daughter duo, wearing matching terry suits, cropped paints no less, both overweight, and looking ridiculous. Then I see this Italian stallion wearing capri pants (way too tight, you could see the whole package) and white pointy toe Guido shoes...I mean, you've got to be kidding me. What guy wears capri's? Please tell me you don't. Last but not least, the 200 lbs black woman wearing the see-through lace shirt, with nothing but a sparkly bra underneath, mmmm hot. WTF! is all I have to say.


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