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Thursday, May 25, 2006


Dear Jerkface,
America is so lame. They really voted for that douchebag Taylor shmicks? I mean, are they serious. You can't tell me that they really like this lamo loser. He shimmies and shakes like a wannabe Elvis Presley, but ends up looking like a freak with tourettes. Not that Katherine Mcfeever, or whatever the fuck the media's lame ass nicknamed her is much better, but COME ON. Just looking at his stupid face makes me want to bitch slap him. Especially when he does the retarded fist pump while simultaneously chanting "soul patrol, soul patrol, soul patrol". Does it get any douchbaggier? I don't think so.

Why doesn't America concentrate on more important things, like how cool Steve Nash is. Suns beat the Mavs last night, and that's so much more significant than watching some gray-haired assbag gyrate his dumb shlumpy body across AI's self indulgent stage. Go Sun's.


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