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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

One Flew Over the...

Hello Jerkface,
I miss you! I feel as though we haven't spoke in ages, even though we emailed a couple days ago. What is going on? How is the weather treatin you out there? Things have been relatively nice out here. In fact, I have been up to the park the past two nights for some cool ace rollerblading! Yeah, I know, I'm pretty dang smooth. Anyway, I thought that I would report to you about the interesting thing that I saw the other night. We decided that we would rollerblade around the park, and then from there go across 66th Street to Lincoln Center where crazy-go-nuts David Blaine is floating around in a fishbowl. Now, I am sure you have seen this advertised on TV, but it does not compare to the ridiculousness that is the human fish-bowl. It's this massive clear bowl propped up on a stage-like platform, with David Blaine just chillin out inside. So, yeah, this guy is certifiably loony-bins, but at the same time a freakin genius. I mean, who does that? It's actually really mesmerizing, and I couldn't take my eyes off. The way the bowl is situated, and the magnification of the glass, makes it look like he's about 10 foot plus. Anyway, I just wanted to say Holla, and David Blaine is still crazy.


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